The breakout code review: 1 Click = $1,432 Direct to Your Account?

Welcome to my honest review of the breakout code.

Hunting down a top-notch affiliate marketing course often feels like a real quest.
There are just so many out there, one after another all claiming they have the secret formula that could
skyrocket your business to the moon.

Now, we have a course that’s making a big claim. on their sales page they claim that by 1 click it can blast $1,432 Straight Into Your Accounts?

That sounds quite appealing, doesn’t it?

When you hear “The Breakout Code,” you can’t help but think it holds the answers you’ve been seeking.

In this review we will find out if the creators of the ”break out code” will really help you crack the code and if you truly can ”blast” all this earnings into your accounts and pave the way for your success in affiliate marketing.

There’s no need to wait any longer; let’s dive right in!

the breakout code


  • Name: The Breakout Code
  • Price: $12.95
  • Product type: Affiliate Marketing course
  • Owner/Vendor: Mark Barrett & James Fawcett

The Breakout Code – Product Overview

As you step into the members’ area you’ll encounter the dashboard and the menus. Additionally, each menu contains 3 to 4 modules that you can access by clicking the dropdown on the left side. What caught my attention was the fact that the entire training was exclusively presented in video format no text.

the breakout code

Welcome- start here

The training starts out with a welcome video that says thanks for joining and trusting them to teach you through their product.

Furthermore in the welcome menu, there’s a video where James Fawcett, one of the creators of the breakout code, talks about his results. He explains how he made 150k in 4 months, starting from nothing,
and emphasizes the importance of building an email list to earn money.
Those results are quite impressive, and it left me curious about how he can teach you the same in his course.

Let’s go ahead and see…

Affiliate breakout

I really appreciate it when a course begins with focusing on mindset, as it’s a crucial step in preparing for the task ahead.

And that’s exactly where he starts. In the following menu, there’s a module titled ‘Get the Breakout Code Mindset.‘ In this module, James the creator of the breakout code shares crucial tips on cultivating the right mindset to kickstart this business.

He highlights some valuable points, such as focusing on the basics and emphasizing the importance of maintaining good health to enhance performance.
I truly valued that he talked about the health aspect, as it’s not a common topic in this industry.

Many of us, especially marketers or individuals aiming to earn money online, often struggle with knowing when and how to pause, rest, or relax.. However, by taking a break doesn’t mean you’ll fall behind; in fact, taking breaks and considering your health are essential aspects of maintaining productivity.”

Moreover,in this menu he also dive into how to find a winning product and how to get approve for it.

Breakout funnels

Continuing on, they demonstrate the method to increase your email list using funnel techniques.

I found it to be a decent explanation of how a funnel works and how to get people into them. In my opinion, he could have gone into a bit more, especially for newcomers who may not grasp it quickly, but all in all, it was just okay.

Furthermore, he provides detailed step-by-step instructions in the module ”how to create a opt-in in clickfunnels” about creating an opt-in page and a thank-you page using ClickFunnels (you can find more about ClickFunnels in ‘The Breakout Code Tools & Training’ section)

Moreover, he explains how to easily connect these pages with your autoresponder.

the breakout code menu

Email cash breakout

In this menu, you’ll find modules centered around email marketing.
You’ll come across two recommended email marketing tools that you can utilize to get started. (see later on the heading “The Breakout Code Tools & Training”)

In the module called “Build Your Epic Breakout Code Follow-up Sequence,” you’ll find a case study that demonstrates how to arrange an autoresponder and dispatch emails to your subscribers.

I found it really helpful because I had some trouble when I first tried to set up an autoresponder.

within the same module, there’s also a breakdown of the process for sending bulk emails to your list.

Breakout traffic

In this section, he begins by explaining how to track your traffic and conversions in your email marketing tool. To simplify, he provides a step-by-step guide.

In his strategy to increase traffic, he relies on paid strategy, with solo ads being a prime example.
Solo ads are a way for one person or business to send emails promoting another person’s business to their list of email subscribers. It’s like getting someone to share your message with their email followers.

Bonus resources

In the bonus section, you’ll find the “1k Case Study.”
it focuses on a program that guides you on how to apply for a high-ticket program that can teach you how to achieve these profits, as they says in the video it’s like an add-on to the main program, designed to help you access bigger commissions.

Additionally, there’s a bonus that provides guidance on utilizing a pre-made funnel through your ClickFunnels account. It’s worth noting that Bonus #2 and #3 cover similar content. In Bonus #4, you’ll discover pre-made email swipes to streamline your follow-up efforts.

It felt like they rushed through this bonus section, and to be honest, they all look pretty much the same to me and I can’t see any standout value in it.

the breakout code

The breakout code strategy

So what strategy is exactly been followed in the breakout code?

As mentioned earlier, “The Breakout Code” relies on paid solo ads. Here’s how it works:

  1. Drive traffic to your squeeze page.
  2. Visitors will be directed to a thank you page and then to the offer.
  3. Maintain the connection through email follow-ups.
  4. Invest in additional traffic and repeat the cycle.

Who Is The Breakout Code For?

I want to be straightforward here,I believe this training is more suitable for individuals already acquainted with affiliate marketing or possessing some level of prior knowledge. There are many concepts that might be challenging for newcomers, in my view, it may not be the most beginner-friendly option.

The Breakout Code Tools & Training

You’ll find the following tools recommended in the training.

AWeber is an online service for sending emails to a group of people, commonly used for newsletters, updates, and promotions. It offers tools to create, manage contacts, and track email performance. It’s helpful for businesses and individuals looking to reach a large audience via email.

GetResponse is an online service similar to AWeber, used for sending emails to multiple recipients, often for newsletters, updates, and promotions. It provides tools to create, manage contacts, and measure email performance, making it useful for businesses and individuals aiming to communicate with a wide audience through email.


ClickFunnels is an online platform for creating and managing sales and marketing funnels, guiding potential customers through a specific process, often leading to conversions. It’s used by businesses to streamline online sales and marketing.

is a website where people can buy and sell email ads to promote stuff to other people. It helps track how well the ads work and connects buyers with sellers. It’s like a marketplace for email marketing.

These are just a handful of the tools they use, but the list goes on…

The Breakout Code Support

the breakout code email support

Upon selecting the support button on the dashboard, you’re instantly linked to their email address. However, there’s no information provided about their working hours or when you can expect a response.

I decided to put their responsiveness to the test by sending an email to their designated email address. However, after waiting for four days, I discovered I had not received a response.

This delay in getting back to me makes me question their reliability and how quickly they reply,
which is something to consider when dealing with them in the future.

The Good & The Bad (Pros & Cons)

the breakout code pros and cons

The Good:

You can follow along with a well-structured step-by-step video guide.

Easy get to the dashboard and start watching the training videos.

The training might be better suited for seasoned marketers rather than beginners.

The Bad:

I’ve noticed that occasionally, upon starting video, there can be a delay before it actually begins playing.

Very short training videos this can leave learners wanting more comprehensive content

Newcomers might struggle because there are many unfamiliar terms without explanations.

Only paid traffic sources are covered

The unresponsiveness of their support raises red flags

The Breakout Code upsell

the breakout code upsell

The Breakout Code Cash On-Demand ($37)

Think of this upsell as your instant money-maker. It lets you generate profit at the push of a button, and it takes away the challenge of knowing what to say to turn traffic into sales.

the breakout code upsell

The Breakout Code DFY Package ($197)

This upsell is centered around providing you with a “Done For You” (DFY) package related to funnel creation. This upsell generally includes pre-made funnels, templates, or resources designed to save you time and effort in setting up effective sales funnels.

the breakout code upsell

The Breakout Code Little Black Book ($47)

This Upsell typically serves as a supplementary resource specifically focusing on paid traffic methods through platforms like Udimi. It’s intended to offer additional strategies, tips, or resources to optimize your paid traffic campaigns.

the breakout code upsell

The Breakout Code Live CaseStudy & MasterClass ($147)

provides access to real-life case studies and an in-depth masterclass related to The Breakout Code product. This component typically offers a deeper understanding of the strategies and methods presented in the course through practical examples and expert guidance.

the breakout code upsell

The Breakout Code License Rights ($67)

typically grant you the rights to sell or promote The Breakout Code product as an affiliate. This means you can earn 100% commissions by referring others to the product. It’s essentially a way for you to profit from promoting the course without having to create and manage the product yourself.

Final Remarks

My Final Opinion of The Breakout Code

Firstly, I appreciate you taking the time to read through my review. My aim here is to assist you in making an informed decision about whether this product is worth purchasing or not.

While I did learn some useful things from this course, it’s worth noting that there are better and more thorough courses out there, and some of them don’t cost anything. Also, it’s important to mention that the creators of this course tend to launch new products frequently, which makes me a bit skeptical about how effective all their income-generating offerings truly are.

Recommended : Not recommended


I can’t claim it’s not legitimate because I believe it can work for some, but it does involve an aggressive marketing approach and relies on paid methods to achieve results.

I don’t recommend this training, especially for newcomers. There are much better courses available that provide more detailed guidance and deliver excellent results.

I have a fantastic alternative course suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers that you shouldn’t miss. Grab it now and kickstart your sustainable affiliate business today!

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