Lazy Commissions review: Can you make $100/day in 2023?


Welcome to my honest review of lazy commissions.

It’s no mystery why your here…
Like most of us (especially newbies) undoubtedly, you want to start your affiliate marketing business the right way.

It can be difficult to differentiate between scams and legitimate affiliate marketing courses these days.

Unfortunately I also was one of those who got lost in the vast jungle called the internet before.

I also want to say right off the bat that I am affiliated with lazy commission but even so, I want to give you my honest and unbiased opinion about this course that I experienced first-hand.

The creator of lazy commissions Tim Ikels promises you: No more BS from ”fake Gurus” No more shiny objects that only tell you parts of the story.
And no more Over-Hyped Crap And Empty Promises.

Does this sounds good?

Well, In this review of lazy commissions we’ll see if the affiliate marketing course created by Tim Ikels
lives up to its promises and delivers a course that can help you become a successful affiliate marketer or take your existing business to the next level.

lazy commissions


  • Name: Lazy Commissions
  • Website: Here
  • Price: $0.00
  • Type: Proven affiliate marketing training course with 1 goal: Getting to $100/day consistently
    with simple but effective affiliate marketing and organic traffic.
  • Owner/Vendor: Tim Ikels
  • Overall Rank: 9.8 out of 10
  • Recommended: Definitely, Without a doubt!
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What can you find in the lazy commissions members area?

In the menu on top, you find the 5 chapters including the bonus section.

The training starts with a welcome video appreciatively thanking you for following the program.
The course consists of text audio and video formats.

Lets have a look at the first chapter “The Foundation” which covers mostly what kind of mindset you must adopt towards this business.

For example, it includes a module ”Why 99% of people fail” Undeniably, this can come hard on some people’s heads but in my opinion, it’s a very honest and straightforward way to prepare you for what’s coming.

Additionally, It also includes ”Niche selection” a lot of newbies are struggling with this, and don’t know what to choose…in this module this topic is discussed thoroughly.

Email marketing & Traffic Gen

The next chapter is “Leadgen & Email marketing” here it highlights the importance of building an email list.
And that your email list is essentially the core of your business.
There is also a module that explains the common mistakes made in email marketing among many more topics.

Next, you will find the chapter “Traffic generation” It elaborates from A to Z on how to understand traffic and what is organic traffic, and how you can make a perfect website and how to write reviews.

There are a lot of free tools that are recommended throughout the course with there additional links.

The training concludes with the chapter “Next steps”
Here it summarizes all the modules that has been discussed throughout the course and what should be the next steps you have to take to make this business into a success.

Last but not least the bonus section

It has really alot to offer.

It includes many great content such as e-books and educational videos among many more extras, the fun just don’t stop!

Honestly, I’m still amazed by the amount of value this course has to share, it’s remarkable that the frontend is completely free.

Members area lazy commission




Also check out the Lazy commissions demo video!





Lazy commissions

The Good & The Bad (Pros & Cons)

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pros & cons





the good green check

Tim definitely delivers on his promises the course is very comprehensive and easy to follow providing a step by step approach that ensures learners can grasp each topic with clarity.

the good green check

I particularly like that the course is beginner friendly and moreover, the Front-end is completely free and there is so much value shared that you truly will appreciate the generosity of this platform.

the good green check

The course is evergreen and can stand the hands of time they keep on updating the training. Also throughout the training you will find out that Tim is a reliable person who genuinely wants to help people earn money in a honest ethical way.

the good green check

The price quality ratio of the upsells is unheard of, you get so much worth for your money that you wonder why you haven’t discovered this sooner.


The Bad:

The bad minus sign

Okay, I need to get a bit nitpicky here. I couldn’t find much fault in the overall course Tim put together. However, I do wish there were more case studies in the lazy commission course itself.

But I have to mention, all this you can find in the upsells which we will be handling later in this review of lazy commissions.


Who Is Lazy commission For?

Don’t let the name fool you!

It’s called lazy commission but its definitely not for lazy people!

Before you can become a little bit lazier you must put in the work, because Lazy Commission is really about building a sustainable business.
So anyone who is serious about learning the ins and outs of this affiliate marketing business in an ethical way It is safe to say this training is the one for you!

This training is a very good starting point for beginners.
Because you will be learning affiliate marketing from scratch.



Lazy commissions Tools & Training

In the training, it stated that you do not need any advanced/paid tools, page builders, or expensive funnel

There are some tools recommended that you can use.

There are some free usefull tools and some good priced ones for those with a tight budget, you can download them through the links provided in the training.

For example, a link to how you can set up a website or an free autoresponder these are just a few I mention but you will find more recommendations throughout the training.

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Lazy commissions Support

There is definitely support for this product if you have any questions problems or concerns you can reach out by email.

The response time is 24 and 48 hours

helpdesk & support on laptop



Lazy commissions Price

The Ultimate Marketing Vault

Yep! we talking upsells now!

There are in total 3 upsells, let’s have a look at them.

This upsell is just amazing!
I use it myself and what can I say…

This is absolutely a no-brainer
For the price and the value that you are getting this is just unreal!
All the hard work has done for you!
I will tell you what it includes so hold on tight…

5 Done-For-You splash pages! ( anywhere to use)
7 Done-For-You lead capture/opt-in Pages
2 bonus pages and 1 bonus delivery page
5 follow-up emails
3 educational emails
6 promo email

Wait there is more…

3 lead magnets (PDF Format)
Bonus library full of valuable information.

These all come with tutorials that explain in detail how to use them.

And now comes the best part all this for just the price of $7 !
Now tell me that that’s not crazy!


Secret Affiliate Insider

In the secret affiliate insider you will get access to a private server with like-minded people who working towards the same goal.

They share advice on marketing strategies and everything related to the affiliate marketing business such as training, workshops, and case studies they are all presented in this unique way.

This way you can make progress much faster as support is always near.

Also, you can come in direct contact with Tim the vendor owner of lazy commissions by chat (1 on 1)

As long as you come with a positive attitude then you will find much support in there.

Price: Monthly Recurring $ 9.95
One time $67.00

In my opinion this is a very good deal! especially if you want to connect with the right kind of people and if you want to accelerate your business to a higher level.


(TRIPLE) Special License Rights

Now comes an very interesting and unique upsell.

You can make lazy commission your very own core offer!

This means you get 100% commission on the whole entire funnel!
and on top of that you get full access to your leads and clients data!

This is of course for people who see value in lazy commission and want to promote the product.

Price (one time) $ 97.00

So as you can see with little investment you start making $100/day

My Final Opinion of lazy commissions

Is lazy commission worth it?

If you read the whole lazy commissions review you could probably taste that I highly recommend this training and yes! Lazy Commissions is as legit as it gets!

I thoroughly enjoyed this training and I can recommend it to anybody.

This is a fantastic opportunity to start your affiliate marketing business the right way!

So grab it now as it still in presale!

I hope you enjoyed this review of lazy commissions…

Must admit it was a long sit.

But I don’t want to let you go empty handed without giving you a little treat.

This is 27$ worth bonus and it’s yours for free now!

Bonus: Learn How to Generate Profits Like the Top Brands Using Affiliate Marketing!

affiliate marketing guide book




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