Cliqly review: is it a scam? Finally the complete truth!

Welcome to my review of Cliqly

It seems to be everywhere..

Undoubtedly I’m talking about Cliqly!

You probably came across Cliqly when scrolling trough your email or one of the social media platforms.. its Certainly hard to dodge.

Yet, the funny part about this is I was living under a rock this whole time..
I only found out about it until a fellow digital marketer, whom I know quite well brought it to my attention that I became aware of it.

And this sparked my curiosity…

Is Cliqly just one of those many scams outhere and will it fade away eventually? or is it a legit side hustle.

In the days where countless platforms fighting for your attention and promising you to make easy money by just clicking a few buttons.
It can be extremely hard to find out which ones to trust.

We will surely find out in this truth seeking review of Cliqly and see if this way of email marketing is really worth spending your time on.

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  • Name: Cliqly
  • Price: Free (When starting)
  • Type: Email marketing
  • Owner/Vendor: Bobby Jones

What is Cliqly?

Ok, so what is Cliqly exactly?

Cliqly is a Done for you email marketing platform that give you a list of 5000 email subscribers for free.

You can monetize this subscribers by sending them mass emails,
earning $0.10/click when readers click the links in your emails.

With the free subscription you can send up to 75,000 emails every day to their list in Cliqly Pro.

All The emails are all pre-written so you only have to preform a simple task by pushing on some buttons..

Yes! you heard that right! its that easy.

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Cliqly screenshot sale page

Cliqy review: Getting started

On the sales page you directly see a video in which the speaker shared a brief background about Bobby Jones, the CEO of Cliqly.
Furthermore explained why they think starting Cliqly is a good idea.

After watching the introduction video,
I decided to give it a try, so I made an account.
First, I filled in my personal details and I was pleasantly surprised how quick I got into the web app.

You can start right on the spot!

Cliqly dashboard menu

Cliqly product overview

What can you find in the Cliqly dashboard?

On the left hand side you will find the menu panel with its additional steps.

Step 1- Cliqly-Pro send
emails every day to the list
we loaded into your system

Here they show you how you can deliver daily emails to the 5,000 subscriber
they loaded the members up and wont charge you for it.

Step 2-Cliqly LIST
Building-Send an email in
Cliqly to build your list

This is about building your list by sending up to 40,000 emails daily.

Cliqly overview and in depth training

The training is giving by the owner bobby jones here he gives the finer details on what is possible with Cliqly.

Live trainings and updates

Every week there is a recorded video update.

Check your commissions

Here you can check you earnings.

List of openers- See your subscribers here

You can only see this if you upgrade.

Click here for cliqly support

In each step it explains you how to use the systems in video and text format.

alright now let’s continue this cliqly review!

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Cliqly review: My first hand experience

big Question mark thinking man

Over the past days, I’ve been engaged in sending out emails.

I must admit that it feels somewhat like sending out mass spam emails to people I have no connection with.

I’m still uncertain about the origin of this huge lists of subscribers they have.

You’ve been told that the people you’re sending these emails to have agreed to receive them.

Nonetheless, I’m not at ease with the idea of forwarding these types of emails of low quality. And not having the complete picture sets me of and I’m uneasy about moving forward.

Also after the 3rd day I run out of my credits I made $15.30 to be exact (screenshot below).

So if I were to continue I must upgrade. you can’t redraw your commissions without the upgrade of $97 and reach the threshold of $300.

So what will happen to your amount you earned if you don’t upgrade I’m not really sure but I have I wild guess…

commission result $

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Thumbs up thumbs down

The Good & The Bad (Pros & Cons)

The Good:

green check

System that’s simple to work with.

green check

User-friendly guidance videos and text.

green check

There’s no need to have technical skills or experience.

The Bad:

red minus sign

A $97 upgrade is necessary to access commission redraw.

red minus sign

Exclusive contact details from the individuals you’re emailing won’t be provided.

red minus sign

You won’t be able to establish trust and relationships with your subscribers.

red minus sign

Needing to buy credits on a continuous basis when they’re low.

Who Is CLIQLY For?

Cliqly is for those who want to do email marketing in a simpler way, those who might not have advanced technical skills or much experience in email marketing or affiliate marketing and want to start a side hustle and start generate income through email campaigns.

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Email envelop blue cliqly support

CLIQLY Support

There is support for Cliqly
you can reach them by email at for any support request.

They will respond in 24-48 hours and as mention on there site… usually much faster.

Cliqly Price

Running out of credits means you must upgrade.

On the Cliqly sales page, there’s a menu called “pricing,” but when you click on it, you’re taken to the video I shared earlier (screenshot). As a result, there’s no pricing information directly on their site.

I had to do some Googling to find out exactly what the upgrades consist of.

Source of pricing that I found : Welcome to Cliqly Email

(The images below are created by me and do not represent the official page)

Cliqly logo with price list
Cliqly logo with price list

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My Final Opinion of Cliqly

As you can probably tell throughtout my cliqly review, I’m not inclined to recommend this product based on my experience.

I’m sceptical whether there will be sustainable profits in the long run.

The thing that’s raising red flags for me is that you consistently need to buy credits when they run low, without any access to exclusive emails.

It’s worrying that you’re spending this money, and you won’t even receive special contact information from the people you’re emailing.

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I can’t say it’s a total scam yet.
But the way this has been set up rings some serious bells.
Also many users have reported negative experiences. They claim that the ones making money are the referrals actively promoting this!

Rank: 3.0 out of 10

Recommended: Not recommended!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Cliqly!

I wrote this with the purpose of aiding you in making the most informed decision regarding whether you should pursue this opportunity or not.

My focus is on forming a substantial business through a system that’s been proven!

I encourage others to embrace this path as well!

Join me on this path!

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