About me

about me sitting at the marina
affiliate marketing

Hi! I’m Fabian Waterberg, I’m an ambitious affiliate marketer from the Netherlands living in the sunny city of Rabat (Morocco) and owner of the website Waterflowz.com

Welcome to you all!

I recently started affiliate marketing and fell in love with it!

I really think this is a awesome business model on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

It was no easy ride at all…especially when you starting out. I tried to consume as much information about the business as a possibly could, but it had a opposite effect.

I got overwhelmed!

At first I didn’t knew what to do about it.

Thankfully I stumbled on a very comprehensive course on affiliate marketing that gave me clarity and took me out of this confusion.

It finally all made sense to me.

Its all about providing people value and by doing that everything else will fall right into place.

My goal is to help as many people as I can by providing them with helpful content, honest product reviews so they can make the best conscious decision on which products to go for.

To eventually start building a successful and sustainable affiliate marketing business and make money online!